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Large tipi tent*2,safari tent house*3,transparent PC dome tent*5,lantern canopy tent*4,PVDF tipi tent*1

glamping campsite4

Tent size:8-10m diameter,5.5m height

Tent canopy:420g canvas & 850g PVC

Tent skeleton:Round solid wood+Q235 steel pipe

Usage application:Wedding,party,restaurant,etc

This canopy safari tent is a very popular giant canopy tent. This camp is customized with two standard sizes of 8 meters in diameter, and the maximum diameter of the tent is 10 meters after unfolding. The surroundings of the tent can be folded to form a semi-enclosed space.
In this camp, two tents are installed side by side. We first built a 10*20M anti-corrosion wood platform on the grass, and built a tent on the platform to create a unique dining area.

large pvc tipi safari tent2
large pvc tipi safari canopy tent2
large pvc canvas  tipi safari tent3

Tent size:4m/5m/6m diameter

Tent material:Transparent PC

Tent skeleton:Aviation aluminum

Accessories:Aluminum window, exhaust fan

Usage application:restaurant

In this camp, we customized 5 transparent PC dome tents, each with three sizes of 4m/5m/6m in diameter. All the PC tents are used as restaurants, which can place round dining tables for 6, 8 and 10 people respectively.
Due to the particularity of the PC tent material, it does not have air permeability, and the indoor temperature will be very high after direct sunlight. Therefore, gauze curtains, exhaust fans, and additional air conditioners are installed in the tent to ensure the comfort of guests dining. Colorful light strips are installed on the spheres, and dining in the garden at night is very atmospheric.

transparent pc geodesic dome tent for garden restaurant

Tent size:5m diameter,9.2m height

Tent material:420g canvas

Tent skeleton:Q235 steel pipe & round solid wood optional

Usage application:restaurant, barbecue,party

This is a newly designed canopy safari tent. The appearance of the triangular cone looks like a lantern hanging in the air. It is loved by many outdoor camping customers. It is a canopy tent with unique appearance, which can provide sunshade, sunscreen and rainproof.
In this camp, we upgraded the tent and increased the height of the tent to 9.2 meters. The higher height makes the tent look more aesthetic.
This tent is used as an outdoor camping barbecue area in the camp, it can accommodate 10-20 people.The tent area is one of the most heavily used parts of the camp, hosting birthday parties, marriage proposals, corporate launches and more.

Triangular Cone Bamboo Lantern Canopy Tent
Triangular Cone Bamboo Lantern Canopy Tent for party night
Triangular Cone Bamboo Lantern Canopy Tent for birthday party

Tent size:span-10m,length-10m,channel-5m,height-4m

Tent material:1100g/㎡ PVDF

Tent skeleton:painted galvanized Q235 steel pipe

Wall:clear glass door

Usage application:restaurant, kicthen

This tent is a combination of four 10*10m indian tents, made of a one-piece design. It is used as the kitchen and dining room in the camp, so we upgraded the tarpaulin from canvas to PVDF, and the main skeleton of the tent was thickened, making the tent more solid, stable and durable.

large conjoined pvdf tipi tent1
indian tent details
dinning room

Tent size:width-5m,length-9m,height-3.5m

Tent roof material:850g/㎡ PVC

Tent wall material:420g canvas

Tent skeleton:Anticorrosive solid wood

Door:clear aluminium alloyglass door

Usage application:warehouse

In this camp, we produced a total of three tents. There were originally two containers in the camp. In order to unify the style of the camp, we customized the nomadic tent with a solid wood frame on the outside of the container, and the tent tarp covered the container on the inside.

wooden frame glamping safari tent house1
glamping safari tent house
glamping safari tent house with glass door1

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