Bamboo Lantern Canopy Camping Safari Tent

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The Lantern Tent - a revolutionary new camping tent that combines functionality and aesthetics.  This unique tent features a conical canopy design that resembles a lantern, suspended mid-air for a captivating camping experience.

Tent size:5m diameter,9.2m height

Skeleton:80mm thick solid wood,painted galvanized steel pipes

Canopy:420g canvas or 900D oxford

Feature:waterproof,windproof,flame retardant



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The  Lantern Tent frame is constructed from 80mm thick solid wood treated with anti-rot and waterproof coatings, ensuring its longevity even in harsh outdoor conditions. The connecting components are made of black painted galvanized steel pipes, providing sturdy support and stability.

The tent's fabric is made of 420g waterproof canvas, offering excellent resistance against rain, UV rays, and flame. This ensures a dry and safe environment for campers regardless of the weather conditions. With a diameter of 5 meters and a height of 9.2 meters, the tent provides ample space for various activities.

The Lantern Tent has gained popularity among outdoor campsite owners due to its versatility. It can be used as an outdoor barbecue area, a party zone, a gathering spot for families, or even an outdoor cinema.

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Triangular Cone Bamboo Lantern Canopy Tent
Triangular Cone Bamboo Lantern Canopy Tent for birthday party
Triangular Cone Bamboo Lantern Canopy Tent for party night

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