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Luxury Waterproof Outdoor Glamping PVC Tipi Camping Party Tent Camp for Adults

Tent size:5.5M  diameter,7M height

Hallway size:3.3M height,2.3M length,3M width

Tent material:White 850g PVC

Tent skeleton:Galvanized steel

Usage application:Hotel

This tent was customized by a customer who came to us with the tent style of a high-end camp in Malaysia. This tent has an innovative design on the traditional pyramid tent, adding a vestibule area at the tent door, which can not only protect privacy, but also be used as a multi-functional area.

In this camp, we produced a total of 6 indian tents, all of which are used for living. The living space of the tent is 24 square meters, and the outdoor terrace is about 7 square meters, suitable for 1-2 people.

White Outdoor Small Teepee Camping Party Tipi Tent Campsite for Adults



Tent size:8-10m diameter,5.5m height

Tent canopy:420g canvas & 850g PVC

Tent skeleton:Round solid wood+Q235 steel pipe

Usage application:Wedding,party,restaurant,etc

This canopy safari tent is a very popular giant canopy tent. This camp is customized with two standard sizes of 8 meters in diameter, and the maximum diameter of the tent is 10 meters after unfolding. The surroundings of the tent can be folded to form a semi-enclosed space.
In this camp, two tents are installed side by side. Used as restaurant and party area

Tent size:5m weidth,8m length

Tent material:1100g PVDF

Tent skeleton:Q235 steel pipe

Accessories:Aluminum alloy round window,Aluminum alloy hollow tempered glass door

Usage application:living room

This shell-shaped tent is a high-end hotel tent exclusively designed and produced by us. Because of its unique appearance and comfortable living, it is loved by many customers.
The living space of the tent is 26.5 square meters. There is a small rest area, bedroom and independent bathroom space indoors. The insulation layer is installed inside the tent, which plays a good role in heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation.

Tent size:width-5m,length-9m,height-3.5m

Tent roof material:850g/㎡ PVC

Tent wall material:420g canvas

Tent skeleton:Anticorrosive solid wood

Door:Canvas zipper door with insect screen

Usage application:room

The safari tent is a tent loved by many camps at home and abroad. It has a regular shape, does not waste space, is cheap, and is easy to install. While having a relatively comfortable living environment, it can be as close as possible to nature.
The size of the tent is 5*8M, and the indoor space is 26.5 square meters. The bedroom and bathroom space are planned in the interior, which is suitable for 1-2 people.

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