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Compared with the traditional style, this newly designed Indian tent not only maintains the original nomadic charm, but also has more diverse functions. The tent increases the triangular space at the entrance, which not only protects the privacy of customers, but also can be used as an outdoor living room. The height of 7 meters not only makes the indoor space more open, but also makes this tent stand out in the whole camp.

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Safari Tent - Teepee, the exterior can use 850g pvc tarpaulin or 420g canvas, which can effectively waterproof and flame retardant. The tent frame can be made of galvanized steel pipe or anti-corrosion solid wood. The shape of the triangular cone makes the tent stable, durable and able to resist 8-10 strong winds.
The height of the tent is 7M, and the indoor diameter is 5.5m. It has a living space of 24 square meters, which can accommodate a double bed and a complete bathroom. The front hall is 3.3m high, 2.3m long, and 3m wide, with 6.9 square meters of outdoor leisure space.
This is a tent with a unique appearance that integrates accommodation and leisure. The entire tent can be customized for you in different sizes, colors, materials, and platforms according to the commercial needs of your camp. It can also provide you with complete interior decoration.




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