Back in 2019, we redefined the conch tent, and now it has become a representative of glamping.

Visible: from the Latin VENI and VIDI, from Caesar’s famous "I come, I see, I conquer", in the hotel's secret spiritual design, feel the architectural aesthetics, space aesthetics, life aesthetics, and create a sense of sight See the things, the free satisfaction of the heart, conquer, and control everything.


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Zeqi: HERMITAGE is derived from the English "hermitage". The hotel is located on the shore of Mizusawa, living like a spirit beast hiding by the water. The body is not moved by the outside world, and the heart is not tired by foreign objects, just by yourself. The rhythm of life is free.

In the initial stages of design

Design conceptual intention drawing/bionic tent architectural design vocabulary, incorporating a variety of bionic small animal patterns into the shape, in such a smart fairytale-like environment space, the body of the guest seems to be transformed into a spirit that is lighter than the body. There are butterflies that are more free than bees.

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▼Bird view, independent guest rooms located along the lake shore


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▼Restaurant with unique form


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Guest rooms in conch shape,interior of the guest room, French windows provide view to the outdoor scenery,the interior space gives people a feel of safety,large area of glass brings in sufficient natural light, creating a close relationship between people and nature

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If you like the idea of getting in close touch with wild nature but want to do so without abandon your home comforts.

Coco Glamping tent can be combined with nature well, which is derived from the “integrated nature” architectural concept, with a simple design to create a space philosophy that combines with nature. Planning into single rooms, double rooms, family rooms. The styles can also be completely customized, and there is no need to worry about the family tour. In addition to the beauty of the building. Cocoon tent house service are full of humane care to meet all accommodation needs during your stay.

Returning to nature does not mean that everything is original. Although sleeping in the wild, Cocoon tent can be equipped with a public washroom, shower room and kitchen. It can also be equipped with a split bathroom and power supply system to provide a home-like and warm accommodation.

New Design Hotel Tent Luxury Cocoon House

Area Option 30m2,36m2,
Fabric Roof Material  PVC/ PVDF/ PTFE with Color Optional
Sidewall Material Canvas for PVDF membrane
Fabric Feature  100% waterproof, UV-resistance, flame retardation, Class B1 and M2 of fire resistance according to DIN4102
Door & Window Glass Door & Window, with aluminum alloy frame
The Extra Upgrade Options Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-condition, shower system, furniture, sewage system

September 15, 2021

Post time: Dec-22-2021