Tree Dome House Tent

Short Description:

  • Size: 3M diameter
  • Color: White, brown,green,multi-color
  • Adventitia: 850g/m2 PVC
  • Waterproof : Water Pressure (WP7000)
  • Structure: Q235 steel pipe,Galvanized, painted, anti-rust treatment
  • Life: Use period of more than 5 years
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    Glamping Treehouse

    Glamping reached new heights! Our treehouse dome technology offers a new way to live outdoors. Enjoy a serene sunset or an afternoon nap in your tree house dome. Outdoor life has never been more fun. Grownups and kids love our treehouse domes. Our tree houses come with all you need to get started. Then add all the things that will make your life more comfortable. The treehouse dome comes with all you need to enjoy quiet time in nature.


    The framework of the tree ball consists of Q235 high-quality galvanized steel piping, renowned for its exceptional anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. At the apex, there are affixed hooks designed for seamless attachment to steel cables. These cables serve the purpose of suspending the tent from the tree while simultaneously ensuring its stability.

    dome tent
    pvc geodesic dome tree tent house

    PVC Cover

    The tent is constructed using 850g PVC knife-scratched tarpaulin material, renowned for its superior quality. This material not only offers 100% waterproof capabilities but also exhibits remarkable resistance to mildew and flame, rendering it highly suitable for prolonged outdoor usage, even in forested environments. Additionally, a diverse array of color options is at your disposal, allowing you to select according to your preferences.


    trree dome house tent

    White Tree Tent

    tree dome tent house

    Gray Tree Tent

    red tree dome tent house

    Red Tree Tent

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