Why Hotel Tent Are Popular In Scenic campsite?

DSC_0610Generally, it is not easy to build fixed construction projects with different topographical landforms such as slopes, grasslands, beaches, tropical rain forests, Gobi, etc. However, due to the distinctive structure of apartment-style hotel camping tents, the requirements for building topographical landforms are limited. Very low, most terrains can be easily built. Moreover, all the prefabricated components of the camping tent of the apartment-style hotel are all produced and processed in the manufacturing plant, which can be quickly built and installed on site. The whole process is green and environmentally friendly, and has zero environmental pollution, and has little air pollution to the surrounding ecological environment, which is very suitable for tourist attractions. The core value of the infrastructure project of the industrial base. In addition, Qixingye Luxury can also customize the plan according to the landscape design and design style of the site to design a suitable overall plan for the mountain and sea travel house wild luxury hotel and industrial base, so as to ensure the integration with the topography and landforms!

Although wild camping has been favored by many people from beginning to end, the poor hotel experience of simple tents has always been the shortage of wild camping, but apartment hotel accommodation hotel camping tents can further solve the difficulties of hotel accommodation experience. Shanhai Travel House Wild Luxury Hotel is made of aluminum profiles, which can withstand 8-+ multi-level wind outdoors, and the tarpaulin of camping tents also has the characteristics of resistance to wind and rain, and the flame retardant grade of sunscreen and isolation cream. It can ensure that it is not easy to be hurt by various temperatures under the condition of camping and accommodation, and it is very safe!

In addition, the camping tent of the apartment hotel accommodation has undergone a unique custom design, which can create a different camping feeling as a whole. Moreover, the interior of the apartment hotel camping tent is a clear span structure without a central column, such a spacious interior space design enables you to reasonably arrange a variety of accommodation hotel service facilities, even Wf wireless network, shower room, home entry The garden and other machinery and equipment can be perfected, providing tourists with a five-star outdoor hotel experience in the stunning natural scenery!

Post time: Oct-20-2022