Which bell tent is best?

Bell tents are loved for their spaciousness and durability. They are a preferred type of canvas tent due to their versatility and quick setup. The average bell tent takes 20 minutes to set up and features a large pole in the center to hold it up. You can use a bell tent in any climate due to its humidity control, waterproof features and mesh properties. Most feature a stove pipe insert for cooking inside.

What they lack in portability due to weight, they make up for in a unique camping experience. If you are looking for a waterproof bell tent that is easy to assemble and includes all the best accessories for any camping expedition, the LUXO BELL TENT is the top choice.


What to know before you buy a bell tent


Before purchasing a bell tent, think about the season you plan to camp. Bell tents come in many different sizes and you can use them during multiple seasons. In the warmer months, users can ventilate their tent by unzipping mesh windows and rolling up the walls. In cooler months, users can bring a wood-burning stove into the tent, provided the tent has stove-pipe inserts.


Bell tents typically are heavy and bulky but despite the weight of the material, they are very easy to assemble. A bell tent features one tall pole that brings the tent up to a peak. It takes around 20 minutes on average to assemble and is easy and quick to take apart to clean.



When purchasing a bell tent, consider how many people plan to sleep in it so that you can find the right size. Bell tents are very spacious, but it is important to size up by one sleeper no matter what tent you are purchasing. For example, if you need a bell tent that sleeps five people, opt for a tent that sleeps six or more.

What to look for in a quality bell tent


A good bell tent has at least three vents around the peak of the tent. Since most bell tents feature openings for stoves, it is important they also have mesh windows to balance the humidity, heat and moisture present in the tent. The mesh windows used for ventilation can double as mosquito nets. The more breathable the tent, the less likely moisture will build up and cause mold.



A quality bell tent features a waterproof coating and is tightly and durably stitched. When purchasing the product online, check the description and reviews to make sure the stitching is secure to prevent leaking. To find out how much water a tent can repel, look for an “mm” measurement in the product description. The amount of water a tent can repel is measured in “mm” and can be different for both the walls and the floor of a tent. To ensure no added moisture gets into the tent, check to see if the tent has good ventilation. This prevents mold and bacteria growth over time.



Bell tents are made from 100% cotton canvas material. A good bell tent is waterproof as well as fire retardant. Those looking for added protection against the elements can rely on bell tents due to their thick fabric.

How much you can expect to spend on a bell tent

Bell tents range from $200-$3,000 depending on material, size and accessories. A quality bell tent that uses the best material and features full ventilation and stove inserts is priced higher, while less-durable, smaller bell tents are cheaper.

Bell tent FAQ

How do you clean a bell tent?

A. To clean your bell tent, moisten the cotton. After this first step, dissolve a bleaching liquid into water and apply this solution onto the wet canvas. Let the canvas absorb this for 30 minutes and rinse the canvas with plenty of water. This will ensure there is no mold or mildew on the tent when you pack it up.

Is a bell tent portable?

A.There are such things as portable lightweight bell tents that are easily packed and carried on long hikes and expeditions, but for the most part, these tents are durable and heavy duty. The average bell tent weighs up to 60 pounds.

What’s the best bell tent to buy?


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