Pagoda tent for party

LUXO pagoda tent size ranges from 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m, 8x8m and 10x10m for different events. Comparing to the big tent, it is more flexible on size. So when single used, it’s a good choice as the entrance of the big event tent; reception tent for wedding tent; a temporary space for outdoor promotion; leisure room in backyard. While several pagodas are combined together, they can be a tent group the requirements for special shape while with large space, such as trade show booth, weddings, events etc.



1. Modular type, the tent can be extended or dismantled to several small tents.
2. Easy to be assembled and dismantled from one place to another place.
3. No pole inside, 100% space available.
4. The aluminum frame will never get rusty with life span more than 15 years.
5. The PVC cover is waterpprof, fireproof with life span 6-8 years.
6. Can be used in bad circumstance.
It is widely used in various wedding events, temporary warehouse & workshop, exhibitions, and other outdoor activities.


Post time: Nov-02-2022