Membrane Structure Tent Hotel In Maldives



71 set membrane structure

This is a large luxury hotel located on an island in the Maldives. The entire hotel is built on sea water. The roof of the hotel is made of white PVDF material, which is shaped like a sailboat. The rooms are arranged left and right like fish fins, with a total of 70 rooms. Open the door of the hotel room to feel the sunshine, sea water, beach, and enjoy the charming scenery of Maldives.

Maldives Custom Membrane Structure Tent Hotel7

This tent is a membrane structure tent. The overall skeleton is made of galvanized steel pipe with baking paint. The tarpaulin is made of 1050g PVDF membrane material, which has stronger tension, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof and easy cleaning.


Project History


The customer told us the environment of the hotel in the early stage, we designed and customized this membrane structure roof for the customer based on their needs, and produced samples for them in the factory, and the customer came to confirm that the samples met his needs.

quality inspection7


After the sample is confirmed to be correct, we start the production of all the profiles of the whole project. After the production is completed, the customer comes to the factory to check and accept. All steel thicknesses meet the standards.



During the construction of the project, we appointed a professional project manager to the site for installation guidance.

tent construction2

Project completion

Maldives Custom Membrane Structure Tent Hotel1
Maldives Custom Membrane Structure Tent Hotel3
Maldives Custom Membrane Structure Tent Hotel6
Maldives Custom Membrane Structure Tent Hotel6
Maldives Custom Membrane Structure Tent Hotel8

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