How to maintain the lantern tent?

Recently, this tent is popular in many campsites, it has a unique shape and frame electroplating and plastic spraying process, imitating the bamboo pole style
The tent is easy to install, suitable for outdoor receptions, beaches, campgrounds, is a unique landscape in the campground.

Triangular spiked lantern tent campsite

How to maitain the tent?

1. Tent inside and outside the tent need to be cleaned from time to time, as well as the attached ground pegs and poles should also be cleaned often mainly to clean the mud, dust, rain, snow and small insects attached to the use.
2. Avoid using hard objects such as brushes to scrub the tent, which will damage the waterproof coating of the outer tent and destroy its waterproofness.
3. Tent fully blow dry collection is also a very noteworthy place, casual reasonable folding on it, do not always press a crease to fold the tent.
4. tent in the rain or windy weather use, must pay attention to additional windproof reinforcement and drainage treatment.
5. When the wind is too strong, the tent ground pegs may be carried out of the ground by the tent, which may cause harm and need to close the tent completely.
When the tent is unfolded around the tent in the wind below level 6, you can use longer steel pegs and extra pulling belt to enhance the wind resistance of the tent.
6. When the tent is half open, the closed surface can be used as the windward side to enhance the wind resistance.
7. When it rains, if the tent is supported around, without good drainage treatment, too much water may collapse the tent or even cause damage to the tent or pole. You need to do a good job of drainage treatment and monitor the tent for water accumulation.

Post time: Jan-04-2023