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Hotel tents, as a new type of building in the new era, are mostly built in the open field. Because the hotel tent components can be pre-production, so in the field environment can be quickly set up and used, unlike the traditional building requires tedious construction process, also does not need the assistance of large construction machinery, the most important point is almost no damage to the field environment. Since the hotel tent inhabits the field, experiencing a variety of natural weather tests such as wind and rain, their own material quality requirements are also quite high.How should we go about maintaining the hotel tent on a daily basis? 

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LUXO TENT are built on the basis of steel structure and other materials such as wood platform, the quality is comparable to the traditional building is also very little, the service life is also almost permanent, if no one usually intentionally damaged, basically do not need to consider its daily maintenance. The main body of the tent hotel, on the other hand, is assembled with galvanized steel pipes, which can be easily replaced even if there is damage in individual places. It is worth mentioning that it has a very strong resistance to pressure, although the weight is low, but can withstand a hurricane of 10-12. 

The outer wall of LUXO TENT is a tarp made of PVC tarp with polyvinyl chloride coating and polyester fiber substrate conforming to the surface into a PVC tarp. It has superior performance of windproof, waterproof, fireproof, anti-UV and snow load resistance, etc. The surface is not easy to adhere to dust and other foreign matter, and can be flushed with rainwater to keep a neat and clean surface for a long time. Usually do not need to deliberately clean the tarp, but also because of this, save a lot of manpower and material resources. But for the main body of the metal frame tarpaulin life is not so long-lasting, the service life of about 6 to 10 years, but the cost of replacement tarpaulin is also quite high, so do not worry about this at all. 

As a standard qualified tent hotel, its service life can basically reach 30 years or more, can be called with a semi-permanent building. In fact, maintenance is not the main body of the tent hotel, but its interior decoration and electrical furniture and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the cost of maintaining a tent hotel is not high. 

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Speaking of which,do you have further knowledge and updated understanding of maintaining the hotel tent? Do you need to have such an exclusive building then come and visit our LUXO TENT! 

Post time: Apr-26-2022