Glass Dome Tent In The Canada Forest



Snail shaped tent*1,10m diameter glass dome tent*1,12m diameter glass dome tent*1

12m diameter glass geodesico dome tent

Tent size:10m and 12m diameter

Tent material:All hollow tempered glass

Tent skeleton:6061-T6 aluminium alloy

Accessories: Aluminum glass door, electric curtain

Usage application:living room,yoga studio

The camp has a 10-meter and 12-meter diameter glass dome tent, and the large interior space will be transformed into the hotel's yoga room, and the fully transparent glass space will allow guests to enjoy 360-degree views of the forest inside. Breaking the boundaries between guests and nature.

12m diameter glass dome tent
12m glass geodesic dome tent

Tent size:8*9M

Tent material:1050g waterproof PVDF

Tent skeleton:Aviation aluminum alloy

Accessories:Aluminum glass door, exhaust fan

Usage application:living room

In this forest, the client built a lot of unique hotel houses, conch tent is also a unique existence. The double layer of insulation and the stove make it possible to enjoy the view in the hotel room in the cold winter.

sea shell shaped pvdf cover aluminum frame hotel tent

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