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Conjoined polygon tent*1,tension membrane tent*1,hexagon hotel tent*2,geodesic dome tent*6

glamping 6m diameter pvc geodesic dome tent hotel resort

Tent size:6m diameter

Tent canopy:850g PVC

Tent skeleton:Q235 galvanized steel pipe

Door:glass door with awning

Accessories: Solar exhaust fan, breathable cat ear holes

Usage application:hotel accommodation

The pvc dome tent is the most widely used hotel tent, with a unique semicircular appearance, easy to install, and cheap price, loved by many camps at home and abroad.
On this grassland, a total of 6 geodesic dome tents are arranged, with a diameter of 6m and an indoor space of 28 square meters, equipped with a double bed and a whole bathroom. Due to the long time of direct sunlight on the plateau, the temperature in the tent is high in the afternoon, so solar exhaust fans are installed indoors to ensure the air circulation in the tent. The front of the tent is made of transparent pvc, and you can enjoy the magnificent scenery while lying on the bed.

glamping 6m diameter pvc geodesic dome tent hotel resort1
glamping 6m diameter pvc geodesic dome tent hotel resort2
glamping 6m diameter pvc geodesic dome tent hotel resort4

Tent size:6*7M,10*12M

Tent roof material:1050g/㎡ PVDF

Tent skeleton:Galvanized steel frame

Wall:Aluminum alloy glass wall

Usage application:suiete

The luxury ploygon lodge tent is a heavy-duty hotel tent.This is a custom semi-permanent tent house.It can be arbitrarily combined into tent rooms of different sizes by one, two, or three. The top of the tent is made of 1050g PVDF material, which is waterproof, flame retardant, easy to clean, and has a long service life. The skeleton is made of galvanized steel pipe, which is strong and durable. The wall is made of all aluminum alloy glass wall, allowing you to enjoy the scenery in all aspects.

The size of the basic model is 6*7 meters, with an interior space of 32 square meters, and there are two separate spaces inside, the bedroom and the bathroom.
The size of the one-piece tent is 10*12M, and the indoor space is about 90 square meters. It has three independent rooms, a living room, and two bedrooms with private bathrooms. It is very suitable for use as a luxury family suite.

pvdf roof and glass wall polygon tension tent house2
pvdf roof and glass wall polygon tension tent house1

Tent size:10*12M

Tent roof material:1050g PVDF

Tent skeleton:Q235 steel pipe

Wall:Aluminum alloy hollow glass wall

Usage application:Dining room

The permanent tent structure is made with a heaw-duty galvanized steel framework,steel poles, 1050g PVDF roof, and tempered hollow glass. These are the most durable.This kind of tent has a very wide range of uses and can be used as hotels, restaurants, receptions, exhibitions and more. It is a semi-permanent tent, easy to install and set up, and has a long service life.

pvdf roof and glass wall polygon tension tent house3

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