Glamping Hotel Tent Resort-Safari Tent & Shell-shaped Tent


safari tent*10,seashell tent*6,PVDF polygon tent*1

This camp is located in a beautiful scenic spot in Foshan, Guangdong. There are rafting, water park, amusement park, camping, tent accommodation and other projects in the camp. lt is a good place for family travel on weekends.

We designed and produced 10 safari tent houses ,6 shell-shaped tents and 1 PVDF polygon tent for this camp.

Tent model:safari tent --T9

Tent size:length--7M,width--5M,high--3.5M

Tent frame material:brown painted galvanized steel pipe

Tent material:top tarpaulin--dark green 850g pvc,wall tarp--khaki 420g canvas

Internal space:bedroom,living room,bathroom

This safari tent is very suitable for use in wild camps. This tent looks like a house,it can keep you in touch with nature while ensuring your living experience.

Because this camp is located in a forest scenic area, there are many rainy days and high air humidity. In order to adapt to the surrounding environment, we specially customized this safari tent, changing the original white appearance to green and khaki, and the skeleton is painted with dark brown to make the tent color Integrate more with the surrounding environment.

The top tarpaulin of the tent is made of 850g knife-scraped PVC material, and the wall is made of 420g canvas. The fabrics are all treated with professional waterproof and mildew-proof treatment. Even in a humid environment, it can ensure that the tent does not grow mold and the internal room is dry.

The interior space of the tent is 25 square meters, which can accommodate a double bed and an integrated bathroom. The exterior of the tent is an outdoor terrace, which is suitable for living and resting.You can living full time in a tent.

Tent model:shell shaped hotel tent

Tent size:length--9M,width--5M,high--3.5M

Tent area:28sqm

Tent frame material:strength aluminum alloy

Tent material:top tarpaulin--white 1050g pvdf

Tent inner material: cotton cloth & aluminum foil insulation layer

Internal space:bedroom,living room,bathroom

This tent is a glamping hotel tent exclusively designed and produced by us, which looks like a triangular shell. This tent is loved by many customers.It's a semi permanent tent house and it can be raised in a few days.

The tent frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the tarpaulin is made of 1050g PVDF. The high-quality materials greatly extend the service life of the tent - more than 10 years. The thermal insulation layer is installed inside the tent, which not only makes the internal space more comfortable and warm, but also effectively insulates, prevents cold, and insulates sound.

With an indoor space of 28 square meters, the bedroom and bathroom can be effectively planned, and the outdoor space is a terrace space, which is very suitable for double living.

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