Glamping Luxury Camp Close To Nature


Yun Nan,China

Large tipi tent*2,safari tent house*4,large tipi canopy tent*3,membrane structure glass hotel*1

glamping campsite

This is a collection hotel and camping camp in the countryside. We customized 2 set safari M9 and 2 set safari M8 for the camp. The traditional wooden tent houses complement the camp perfectly. Living in a tent is like being in nature.

We also created a camping party area for the campsite, which consists of 3 tipi canopy tents, allowing customers to enjoy life while being close to nature.

In addition to the recreation and accommodation areas, we also built a membrane tent house with glass walls for the camp, which serves as the camp restaurant. Fully transparent floor-to-ceiling Windows and skylights break the boundaries between guests and nature. Guests can enjoy the view out the window while eating.

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