Cloud-Cradled Haven: A Serene Hotel Amidst Vast Tea-Seas

glamping tent hotel

This tent hotel is located in the 10,000-acre tea sea in the Jiulong Mountains of Anji. The 11 individual structures are presented in the form of tents. Its design is inspired by the skeleton membrane structure of sailing ships with masts and sails. It gives the meaning of free travel and is also a reference to Contextual responses to environment and travel patterns.
The beautiful architectural shape breaks the pattern of pure straight-line architectural style. The terrace and roof are combined like the plywood of a sailing sailboat. The top floor is a space almost completely covered by a membrane structure, which presents a refreshing impression with its unique graceful curves. Feel
Based on the surrounding beautiful scenery, the designer paid more attention to the environment when considering the overall layout planning of the tent. The location of the building conforms to the terrain, protects the original vegetation, and creates a sense of tranquility integrated into nature. It is hoped that experiencers can experience it through different Enjoy the unique charm of the hotel from your perspective.
As a series of structures with the theme of Glamping Camping, they are dotted on the forest-covered slopes of Tea-sea offering panoramic views of the mountains. It is reminiscent of the image of sails on sailing ships entering and leaving the vast sea. It is elegant and moving and yearns for freedom.

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glamping tent hotel

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