About the event tent rental – 8 points for attention in the event tent rental

The event tent originates from Europe and is an excellent new type of temporary building. It has the characteristics of environmental protection and convenience, high safety factor, rapid disassembly and assembly, and economical cost of use. It is widely used in exhibitions, weddings, warehousing, scenic spots and other scenes.


Most of the exhibition tents are used in the way of leasing. Tent leasing can effectively reduce the cost of use, and it can also adapt to the use cycle and be more flexible. As a new buyer, before renting an exhibition tent, there are eight precautions worthy of your attention.

1. Determine the size

The first thing to consider when renting an event party tent is the size we call it. For some spires or dome tents, the size is fixed and can be purchased by the top. Some tent units are extended by 3 meters or 5 meters as a unit, and the length and width of the site need to be measured. Of course, sometimes the maximum height and side height will also be considered. It is recommended to consult professional sales and engineers to confirm on-site measurement.


2. Types of event tents

There are many types of trade show tents, from the appearance point of view, there are A-shaped top, flat top, curved top, spherical, peach-shaped, spire, hexagon, octagon and other types. You can choose according to your needs when renting.


3. Wall selection

Different walls can present different visual effects or practical functions. We have a variety of color opaque pvc tarpaulins, fully transparent tarpaulins, tarpaulins with windows, glass walls, color steel plates, ABS walls and other walls for you to choose from to meet your needs.
4. Venue requirements

The event tent does not have high requirements for the required construction site. Concrete ground, lawn, beach, and only a flat piece of land can be built. Even slightly curved floors can be leveled using simple treatments such as a scaffolding system. However, some details still need to be considered. If the ground cannot be damaged, it is recommended to use weight blocks to fix the tent.


5. Construction time

The construction speed of the event tent is very fast, about 1,000 square meters can be built a day. However, it is still necessary to consider issues such as pre-approval, construction difficulty, construction equipment and vehicle access. It is recommended to contact the tent company in advance for confirmation.


6. Interior and exterior decoration

In order to achieve the desired effect, the inside and outside of the event tent can be decorated. The event tent can be widely compatible with lighting and dance, booth floor, table and chair cloth, audio air conditioning and other internal facilities, and can also be equipped with external decorations such as advertising panels. These can be purchased by yourself or one-stop rental from an exhibition tent company.

7. Rental price

The price of event tent rental depends on the size, type, lease period, construction plan and whether there are additional services of the tent rented. If it is a formal event tent company, it will provide relevant contract documents and quotation sheets.


8. Safe to use

In the use of event tents, it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant fire regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to set open fires in the event tents. If a two-story event tent is used, fire exits should be set up as required.

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