Two-Story Luxury Safari Tents Campsite

Recently, our loft safari tents have been popular with many camps.Its beautiful appearance stands out in the camp.

Luxury double-deck family style safari tent,give you a different living experience.
This luxury hotel tent in large-scale tourist resort camp covers an area of 45 ㎡, with indoor area of 30 ㎡ on the first floor and 20 ㎡ on the second floor, totaling 50 ㎡ of space.
Double-storey building design, improve space utilization. Family-style two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom super large use space, with star hotel decoration and soft clothing, experience different outdoor accommodation pleasure.

luxury loft wooden frame pvc canopy beige safari tent house
glamping loft tent house safari tent with bedroom living room bathroom

Post time: May-08-2023