The effect of hotel tents for the catering industry丨Outdoor Restaurant Tent

Visually, hotel tent is very distinctive and eye-catching for catering purposes. Architectural style could also be developed according to the site or the catering characteristics of the supply. Like if you want to create a more Chinese style, or where the environment is more ecological, you can consider using the Twin Peaks wild luxury tent or special style hotel tent, with the tent's tension membrane structure to extend the tarp outward, increasing the dining area, but also for outdoor dining customers shade and rain, if with a little decoration, to create a quaint tent inn is absolutely no problem! 



If you want to make the hotel tent restaurant more European, providing Western-style meals, or the location of the tent restaurant is more commercial, you can consider using a spherical star or dome tent as a restaurant, elegant luxury travel house hotel tent provides spherical star tent with a diameter of 3-50 meters, the diameter of 20 meters spherical tent has a land area of about 314 square meters, can accommodate more than 200 people at the same time, and The canopy can be customized as semi-transparent or fully transparent style, so that customers can enjoy the beautiful scenery and save the cost of light at the same time. 

star tent

Transparent tent

But the use of hotel tents for catering, need to pay attention to the safety of electricity and fire, generally do not recommend the use of open fire in the tent, you can consider using other heating equipment instead. Cooking utensils need to be kept away from the tent, while doing a good job of heat and smoke exhaust and firefighting. Although it is not common to use hotel tents for catering purposes, but if used for VIP rooms in restaurants, temporary restaurants in food festivals, scenic dining centers and other scenes, it will have unexpected effects! 


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Post time: Apr-15-2022