LUXO TENT丨The application of spherical tent in various fields丨Focus on innovation

Outdoor spherical tent is a new type of mesh shell structure tent. It has a more unique and attractive hemispherical appearance with superior safety performance of traditional A-type tent. Therefore, it is widely used in outdoor.

Application of spherical tent in various fields:
Firstly, the application of outdoor spherical tent for commercial activities.

The emergence of outdoor spherical display tents and dome tents can be said to have added a lot of new vitality to commercial activities. Its 3-50m specifications make it suitable for various commercial activities, such as new product display, car show, outdoor promotion, business meeting, new product launch, etc. In addition, there are many variations of outdoor spherical tents themselves. Tarpaulin can be selected in many colors, transparent, information spraying and other forms, as well as light projection, dome projection and other creative ways to choose, thus bringing better business benefits to the event!

trade show tent2


trade show tent



Second, the application of outdoor ball tents.

The hemisphere tent hotel can be said to be the brightest dome tent camp. In the application of scenic spots, its unique hemispherical appearance is not only easy to attract tourists, but also has a high synchronization with the surrounding environment. More than ten sites such as meadows, lakes and beaches are easy to set up. The ball tent with a diameter of 5 to 6 meters has a large accommodation space, which can bring a beautiful natural environment and comfortable living experience as long as the facilities are complete. In addition to spherical tent hotel, outdoor round tent can also be used as a dining tent and service center for tourist camps.

dome hotel tent


luxury hotel tent


dome hotel tent


Third, the application of outdoor spherical tents in large events.

Spherical festival tents, large festival tents, exhibition tents, large exhibition events and other large events often require a large area of space, so the canopy and large span space are usually chosen. Outdoor round tents also provide large space for events. 5-100 diameter spherical tent options are sufficient to meet the needs of all types of festivals, large events such as dome theaters, and lighting projections and dome projections can enhance the atmosphere of the event. In addition, it can provide a large number of outdoor round event tents and connect them together through the channel, providing a lot of space for events!

trade show tent

Post time: Apr-08-2022