Kings: NFL could use Chiefs vs. Eagles, Tigers, Bills as schedule leader | News, results, highlights, statistics and rumors

As the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs' 2023 schedule is far from a carefree one, and the league appears to be taking full advantage of that to satisfy its network partners and its primetime schedule, according to NBC Sports' Peter King.
In addition to three division games, Kansas City also has home games against Buffalo, Cincinnati, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia in a Super Bowl LVII rematch.
The NFL plans to make the Chiefs' games against the Bills, Bengals and Eagles "a mainstay of NBC, CBS and ESPN schedules," King said.
Likely outcomes for the television schedule of these games could be a Hawks-Chiefs game on a Sunday night in October and a Bengals-Chiefs game on CBS in the afternoon in November, King wrote, as well as a Bills vs. Chiefs on ESPN on Monday. Night football.
These games are sure to draw a lot of attention as they feature some of the league's best young quarterbacks - Josh Allen, Joe Barrow and Jalen Hertz - against two-time Super Bowl winner and MVP Patrick Mahomes.
Also keep in mind that one of Kansas City's home games will be in Germany. The Chiefs' opponents have not yet been announced.
This is one of two games the NFL plans to host in the country following Seattle's success against Tampa Bay in 2022.

Post time: Feb-23-2023