How To Choose Outdoor Camping Tent

Now more and more people are joining the camping industry, so as a newcomer to camping, how to choose your camping tent?

Outdoor tents with different appearances are suitable for different scenarios.

First:Parks, picnics, suburban day camping

This scene is generally short-distance outing, the camping time and the distance is short, and the camping scene is simple, so we can choose a tent that opens quickly.主图8

Second: Hiking around the city

This kind of scene often requires hiking and needs to carry the tent on its own, so the weight of the tent is extremely important, so the lightweight pyramid tent is the first choice.


Third: Light luxury camping

This kind of scene often has a long journey and requires an overnight stay.

In this scenario, we can choose the bell series tents, which have a variety of different shapes and are available in cotton and oxford fabrics.

The cotton fabric has good texture, good air permeability, and is 3000mm waterproof, but it needs to be exposed to the sun after being exposed to water. Oxford is more waterproof and the price is relatively lower.These tents are more complicated to set up, and both can be used outdoors overnight.H18d36485fae84bb39193c3c7ac75c324A175bd1ac94112bab56e03acc96906f9


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Post time: Jul-11-2022