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Hotel tents have been more and more widely used in: outdoor resort hotels, B&B, all kinds of large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, events, sports and logistics storage .etc , which could be used in the tent room, it is leading the trend of modern architecture. So how should we choose in the face of so many manufacturers of glamping tent? Here let us analyze a few important factors.

First, The strength of the manufacturer 

   Examining the strength of the manufacturer can generally be examined from several perspectives such as brand awareness, operating time, economic strength.

Shell glamping tent
hotel tent

Second, The cost performance 
    A good product, but also need to have a good price, that is, the cost performance, for the price, but also need to be based on the purchase of materials, quantity, installation costs, logistics, after-sales service, etc. to comprehensive comparison. 

Third, Stability 
    For dealers, the stability of the manufacturer is a more important factor. Most of the high-profile companies have many years of experience in the industry, the quality of its products have some strength. Cooperation with these manufacturers is relatively small business risks, there are also some ready-made promotion methods for replication. 

Camping hotel tents
LUXO TENT hotel tent

Fourth, the added value of manufacturers
    The main thing mentioned here is the solution capability and technical support capability of the manufacturer. Manufacturers need to provide more complete solutions, and in the product problems, there are corresponding measures and technical support power. 

Five, Field visits 
    Field visits are not just to see the size of the manufacturer's company, product demonstration, as far as possible to the actual local projects to see, but also through other means to understand the actual project in a certain place. 

Desert hotel tent

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September 15, 2021

Post time: Apr-22-2022